Keep your Connection Private and Secure

Your internet service provider can see your internet traffic and probably logs your browsing history. A VPN scrambles your traffic in an encrypted tunnel so not even your ISP can read it. No monitoring, no activity logs.


Defeat Censorship and Browse Unrestricted

The websites or services you want to use may be inaccessible from your location. Your VPN enables access to the free internet from anywhere, especially with travelling abroad.


Save Money and Reduce Price Descrimination

Some online stores show you higher prices if you’re browsing from certain locations. Safe VPN lets you browse from 148 locations to keep you safe from price discrimination.


Encrypt Everything and Stay Safe Everywhere

Free public Wi-Fi is dangerous. It’s very easy for a hacker on the same network to read your personal data. A VPN encrypts your internet connection to protect your information online.


Stay Protected on the go with our Apps

You might be protected on one device, but what about your laptop, smartphone, tablet, and game consoles? Safe VPN gives you apps for all your devices plus support for every major operating system.

Protégez votre vie privée et restez en sécurité en ligne dès aujourdhui

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